Bee Urban is a fast-growing Youth Co-Living concept committed to providing world-class housing experience to students and young professionals. The Bee Urban experience is based on basic values of comfort, safety and nurturance and our state of the art hostels provide for a secured, warm and pleasant living experience that delivers an enriching environment, encouraging friendships and self-development.


Bees are diligent workers and the architects of the hives. The close-knit community they build, yields honey that sweetens the world and their shared effort leads to pollinations that are instrumental in further growth of life-giving plants.


The name Bee Urban comes from this concept of bees and hives… and their basic principle of shared co-living experience. Bee Urban is the home to such youth – or at least the pit-stop en-route to their promising future. We aspire to ensure the time they spend with us helps them shape their tomorrow, at the same time bringing back the feeling of community, which is diminishing in the fast-paced urban life.


A community that can support and promote self-development of its habitants. It is this community we like to fondly call Bee Urban. Our hive is your home away from home. Our properties are built to create a familiar world. In other words, we promise our residents the three things every home should have – safety, comfort and most importantly nurturance.

  • Fully furnished rooms 

  • TV area

  • Recreational area

  • Fully equipped common kitchen 

  • Regular housekeeping

  • 24×7 CCTV surveillance

  • Biometric security systems

  • Guards on shift duty

  • Two-wheeler parking

  • GP Doctor on call

  • Year-around community events

  • Career management workshops

  • Interactions with industry professionals


Bee Urban hostels are conveniently located close to major college campuses in the city of Pune.




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