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The Bee Club!

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Bee Urban Community

1500+ students and young professionals are members of Bee Urban community, from all parts of India

Calendar of exciting events, fun activities, professional networking opportunities, and cultural programmes

A curated ecosystem of partners, service providers, artists, experts and professionals from diverse fields

Extensive network in Pune to help you access opportunities to explore, enjoy and grow

Bee Urban 'Special Interest Group'

Bee Active!

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For members interested in sports, games, adventure, trekking, hiking and other outdoor activities etc.

Bee Bookworm!

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For members interested in reading, higher education, online learning or budding authors and secret poets.

Bee Focus!

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For members interested in professional networking opportunities, looking for career guidance and higher education opportunities

Bee Bookworm!

Bee Culture!

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For members interested in arts, music, culture, entertainment, cinema, theatre, dance and budding talents.

Bee Good!

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For members passionate about social work, sustainability, supporting underprivileged sections, volunteering.

Bee Culture!

Bee Socrates!

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For members intersted in understanding intricacies of philosophy, sociology, psychology and human mind.

Bee Startup!

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For members interested in entrepreneurship / startup / freelancing / business ideas/opportunities.

Bee Chill!

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For members who are dedicated to perfecting the fine art of chill - board games, partying, evening gupshup, friendships, travel and sharing tips on dating.

Bee Leader!

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For members interested in social work, youth engagement in democracy, economic development, national and internal politics, public policy engagement.

Bee Tech!

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For members who hang out with technology geeks and engineering nerds.

Inspiring Expert Talks & Seminars

Etiquettes, communications and soft-skills

MBTI / Psychometrics

Career pathways

Making impactful CVs, makeover of Linkedin profile, job interview preparation 

Networking opportunity

Financial planning, education overseas

CAT, GMAT, UPSC preparation

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