What's Today - WORLD MUSIC DAY

Hey! Do you what’s special about today? Today is the day where all the silent singers who sing only for themselves in lone time and also all the bathroom and kitchen singers, to be an official singer for a day, why? Because today its World Music Day. Today no one has to care about people or what society will say, if I sung loud or in a bad voice or with a wrong lyric or anything. Today everyone is free to sing, listen or play whatever form of music they want. ‘Black & white wala phoolo ke piche ka piche ka pyaar, rangeen duniya ki mohobaat ya, aaj kal la love’, old melody, classics, rape songs, rape and many more. Just take a breath with the flow of your favorite Music.

This day was first celebrated in Paris,1982. Anyone can come on streets to play an instrument or can sing for neighbors. According to the study, it was recorded that 5million people come on streets from kids’ elderlies. Form then 21st June is celebrated internationally in 700 cities and 120 countries.

There must be very rare that someone don’t like hear music. Everyone will agree with me if I make a statement that, “Music go through your feelings.” Everyone can relate it easily. There are lot many people out there who work or study simultaneously with listening music. These people work with rhythm, the speed of their work go with the beat of the particular song. Music is like an all-time friend who helps you finish your work, motivates you to explore something and heals you when it’s difficult time for you Music also works as a therapy. It has the ability to calm and quiet from every suffering and make a path to one’s final achievement. It is proven that Music therapy can address the needs of a person that weather he/she is suffering physically, emotionally or psychologically. The correct assessment of the problem and accurate planning of session with the perfect choice of music could help a person to overcome his/her own complications.

We all have a common dream of us sitting in a rainy window with a smile and a hot cup of tea or coffee in hand and headphone on with your favorite song. Even while me writing it and you reading it have imagined every thing in your place, isn’t it? Everyone knows that this is not a big dream or it doesn’t need millions of dollars to fulfill this dream. But still we miss it every time, why? The reason is we don’t live in a moment, we live for the future about which we don’t know anything. So, for the sake of small dreams let us pledge to live in a moment, enjoy it, be in it completely.

Now, shutdown your computers, Laptops, phones, books whatever work you are doing keep it aside with all your tension and thoughts of your life. Make a coffee or tea for yourselves put on your headphones And enjoy the moment. Once again, Happy Music Day.

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